Wednesday, June 6, 2012

50 shades of....uh, you're a jerk!

**this may have a spoiler or two so if you are not past chapter 7 or haven't read yet you may not want to read this post. 

ok, so maybe i am only on chapter 7 and maybe i am judging a little early but grey is a jerk.
 i don't like him.

he is pompous and arrogant and borderline abusive. 
yes, this is MY opinion and maybe you loved the book. this would actually make me happy because you found a good read and i love when i find a good read.
we should all be reading and loving it regardless of what it is we are reading. 

also, let me also quickly say (and i've mentioned this before) my opinion really isn't worth crap. it still isn't worth crap.
but, i still don't like grey.

i get it's a book and he is not real (although i am sure there are many grey's sprinkled all over the planet-lucky us) but really? 
and i'm trying. i really am. 
its taking me forever to get through it and i just don't get why we would swoon over a guy that acts like a jackass, seems to wear a constant scowl on his face and speaks to a girl the way he does just coz he has a fancy face and rockin body?!

 oh, and am i the only one that thinks his little fetish chamber is creepy?? lets just picture our 21 year old selves for a moment here. we meet this guy and on our first official date he has us sign a release then takes us to his private locked up chamber where he tells us what WE are going to do to him??
ummmm... I don't know 'bout you guys but i pray to god i got my sneakers laced up tight coz i'm runnin! 

i was at a party a few weeks ago and of course grey came up. 
he isn't even real and we are discussing him as if he is the hottest specimen on the planet? the women were swooning and sweating and sighing. 
well, because your girl here was 2 cocktail's in i piped up with, "he's a jerk. i don't like him", and let me tell you i got about 6 sets of eyes staring back at me like i had just stolen a batch of puppies!
instantly one of the ladies started to convince me how grey was 'ahhhhh-maaaazing, i mean we all wanna be dominated at some point right??'
i don't know. maybe. not by a jerk though. 

i did enjoy the discussion because this grey got the ladies excited! and these were all great ladies. maybe its actually a helpful book? maybe grey sparked things and there will be many a happy men and women out there because of him?

so here i am on chapter 7 and i gotta let it go. 
i really would stick it out for all you fabulous women and finish the book if it wasn't so poorly written and badly edited.
 i wanna join you all and love this grey guy as much as you. i really really wanna.
i am a huge reader and it's a trilogy! a trilogy! oh how i love trilogies! 
but i just cant get next to it. 
besides, now that i have formed my opinion every time i read a part of the book that has grey telling ana what to do or controlling her i not only continue to dislike grey but i start to dislike ana for being such a dumb girl! ana is way too educated and smart to be slobbering over a jerk. 
have i said jerk enough?

if my daughters brought grey home i would freak! 
 in the last few weeks i have been compiling thoughts and advice to my daughters that i am placing in a letter to them. 
at that moment during the grey discussion i made a quick mental note to add to the list: "DONT bring home a grey, i will puke green!" 
gawd i hope they listen!