Friday, June 1, 2012

aloha friday

-monday was memorial day and just when i realized i hadn't reminded my kids of the importance of this day (not just a day off from school) i saw this photo and realized i had been telling them for years. apparently my kids do listen.

-wednesday the biggest little turned 17. goosebumps. had a family dinner at mikado's sushi. we have a big dinner planned saturday with her favorite people at frida's.

-a friend of mine bought a home. all by herself after a few tough years. she moved in thursday. i am so so proud of her!

-today is my son's 8th grade picnic. you know what that means. all day in the sun with kids that are high on cotton candy and slushies. you'll find me hiding in the far corner of the bouncy. ok, you'll find me jumping in the bouncy, high on cotton candy with a slushie in my hand.

-bought my girl a kindle for her birthday so my kindle and i just re-united. kindle is so happy not to be forced to display teen novels any longer. kindle prefers mr. grey. hmmm.....wait aren't those kinda the same thing.....?

-next tuesday i have a meeting with brian hurst. he is a medium. i know this makes me sound nutso. i'm not, i promise. i can't wait!

-tried out a new recipe this week. s'more bars. so darn good. i will share soon.

Have a great week-end and get your aloha friday on- trust me, it's awesome times!