Thursday, May 31, 2012

are snakes the silent power trend?

if you like snakes, but are not too keen on having them as a house pet, why not bring them into your home by including them in your decor.
as a girl who is terrified of these slithery things i am somehow drawn to them when i design.

quick snake side story:

my sister tory, who is highly aware of my "more than real" fear of these nasty creatures, use to threaten that she was gonna buy my son a snake until one day she quit threatening.

oh, you think the story is over? you think sweet auntie tory just leeeet it go? oh, well, than you would have the wrong idea of that evil evil sister. oh, she bought a snake alright and one day she sent it in the mail. in a sock! my son was elated. i was standing on the table screaming.

we kept the snake in a terrarium with a special bolt type lock that i required in order for that nasty thing to stay. it did stay until one day it just wasn't in the terrarium any longer. 
yep, that was a horrible horrible day for me. 
i still think about it every now and then and sure it doesn't help that the evil sister reminds me how snakes can live undetected in a house for years. shouldn't she quit terrorizing me now that we are adults???

back to design.
snakes have been associated with some of the oldest rituals known to mankind - they definitely make a strong statement in fashion and interior design.

speaking of fashion, that's where i always take my cues.
i have noticed some interesting trends taking place this year.
notice this jimmy choo snake wedge - and since "furniture follows fashion," i always watch for the trends in fashion. and regardless, when has mr. choo ever steered any of us wrong?  
i love orange!

if you want to do just "a little" - something not quite so "bold" you can easily add an interesting table top accessory, or try a subtle side table.

if you are someone who goes big and takes chances in your decor,
 i particularly like this piece for a front door.

 i am not a fan of snakes in the "skin" so to speak but for some reason i have become slightly obsessed with this snake chain fabric. i have recently used it in a clients home as pillows and he loved it. 

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