Monday, May 14, 2012

a day late.a few years whatever.

i have been looking at these stacking rings for a few years-really-a few years. for whatever reason i never ordered them. either i didn't know my ring size, couldnt decide on style or just didnt have time to sit and order. a few months ago i decided i was gonna order these as a gift to myself and present them to myself on mothers day. im such a generous and thoughtful individual.

with julie in town we were running around all week-end and last night i realized my gift had not arrived on time. i was fairly bummed since it was a 4 week lead time and i had not only ordered 8 weeks ago but i had also emailed the company weeks ago and reminded them it was a mommas day gift and i wanted it by may 12th.

moments ago in my fume and fury (well not really) i looked over and saw that there was an envelope slipped in the opening of my dresser. i jumped up almost spilling my coffee all over myself. ok i spilled, dang it i always do. i knew what that package was! so excited! look how sweet the box and decorative string is.


my littles names
my littles birth dates

i love love love the rings. and even though they took much longer than i was told, and even though i grew extremely impatient, and even though my oldest was not born in '05 (i have emailed the company and told them of the error) i will recommend these to anyone. they have made me smile all morning and i'm sure for years to come......