Monday, May 7, 2012

tag! you're it!

there are five rules:
1.  post these rules.
2.  post a picture of yourself and 10 random things about yourself that people may not know.
3.  answer the questions set from the original post.
4. create 10 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. go to their facebook page or their twitter and let them know you've tagged them.

10 random things about me:

1. i collect napkins. not used ones- i just have a slight obsession with buying cute napkin packs. it's something we use everyday.

2. i secretly listen to country in my car at alarming volumes. few people know this.

3. i must start my morning with a cup of coffee. it happens before anything else. period.

4. i have an eye disease that usually old people get. i dont talk about it coz it scares me. dont ask me about it. denial is so cute.

5. i only wash my hair every 5 days. sorry. are you repulsed?

6. i feel i was a roman in a past life although i dont know for sure that i believe in past lives. its a quandary.

7. i should be a relationship expert. im very good at helping people work through things.

8. i love being barefoot. i kick off my shoes a million times a day at work. i have to remind myself to put my shoes on and that i am no longer 8 years old.

9. my covers must be a specific way before i go to bed or i will sleep horribly. i set them up perfectly every night. i promise i am not ocd.

10. i dressed up as marilyn monroe for halloween when i was 11. i love her.


1. what is the most important quality that you look for in a friend?

2. what is one thing you regret-big or small?
letting an important relationship go. i need to fix that.

3. can you stand up in a crown and give a speech?
no. can't do it. maybe 20 people or less but a large crown? no way!

4. coffee or tea? when was they first time you had it?
both but always coffee first

5. your all time favorite movie and why?
i really like the notebook- i am sure there is a more profound choice but eh....

6. if you had to choose between wearing a dress everyday or wearing heels everyday which would it be?
if i can kick the heels off throughout the day then heels it is

7. favorite dessert?
berry type cobblers or pie i think

8. whats in your purse right now?
wallet, 4 lip glosses, receipts, contact lens drops, tweezers, almonds, measuring tape, nail file, pencil, tampon(sorry- tmi) tide-to-go stain stick, pencil sharpener (i dont know why),2  light up rings (for obvious reasons) bobby pins, camera, 2 pens.
im so glad i cleaned my purse out yesterday or this could of been very embarrassing......

9. who was the last person you laughed with? what did you laugh about?
my fabulous friend nathalie. honestly, we laughed about the amount of times we've wiped butts. 

10. when was the last time you were so excited you couldn't sleep? why were you excited?
i can always sleep but maybe the last time we were goin to maui. i get excited to go, excited to fly (in a nervous way) and excited to just be with my family in my happy place.

dont forget your picture!! :)