Sunday, May 20, 2012

a photo an hour

why yes, i am obsessed with my new iphone. thanks for asking. or noticing. or accusing.

my favorite phone thing may be instagram. i thought it would be fun to take a photo an hour throughout the day of wherever me and the fam are and whatever we are doing. i googled it and of course it's been done. felt kinda genius for a hot minute there. 
did it anyway coz it's fun and if i do anything well it is fun (i have been named, "jazzy" by one of my elderly neighbors and it has seemed to stick) so here went my saturday one hour at a time.......

7am-coffee. always

8am-looky what shane got for
two bucks at a garage sale.

9am-vintage marionettes i found
(more to come on this)

 10am-we were close to the brady bunch house
above photo:then /below photo:me and now

11am-they aint gonna do themselves

noon- waiting for the littlest little to get ready
so we can head out to our lunch date

1pm-i didnt let them drink the corona
but i did let them play the heck outta
those instruments-ole!

2pm-i love lash appointments.

3pm-back home

4pm-i scream

5pm-repairing a broken nail
why not add a heart while we're here
6pm-spinach/artichoke dip
sometimes i sorta bail on dinner.
this worked for us tonight..
7pm-wish my backyard had a 
sprinkler system like the front
8pm-movie with the middle little
9pm-both the girls are out tonight 
so its just us and the boy. he said,
 'wow the house is quiet'.
10pm-one down
11pm-picking up the biggest little and wishing 
i was on that party bus
night y'all

oh, go visit
  and check out her "a picture an hour" post. you won't be wasting your time-so fun!