Monday, May 7, 2012

safari glam

 so i fell in  love with these chairs when they came out at the furniture market last january and quickly put in an order for 4. i had to wait quite sometime because they were still being manufactured blah blahppity blah!

fast forward-  i got a notice they would be ready for pick up at the warehouse a few weeks ago! i got all kinds of 'cited until i realized i had no clue what table i was gonna put them around. i had to quickly get something made at one of our factories (thankfully we get it all custom made locally by our skilled wood workers in good ol' downtown los angeles) gotta scratch that back of the locally economy!!

anyway, i decided on a white table so the chairs would really stand out plus i liked the crisp feel of the linen against the stark of the white lacquer. the iron frame has this chalky almost worn finish to it that makes it seem like you just hauled them out of the back of your jeep upon return from a picnic on a safari. what? too much? i have an imagination- i picture where you would use these items ya know. please dont remind me i have never been on a safari-it will blow this whole post. just go with me on this one.... thank you.

i quickly chose this table design actually from our old design books (those oldies really are goodies huh??) threw in the zebra (remember we just got back from picnicking safari style) and i am in love.