Monday, May 21, 2012

palm to the springs

i love me some p.s.
i wont torture you with a complete play by play of julie and i but i will slam you in the face with all my photos-just know its more of a love tap really.
sorry in advance.

back at the condo

i do realize that the photos are never as good as when you see the actual place in person. i get that this is somewhat like watching someones vacation videos -
but the indian canyons were too cool not to make you go through the painful process.

we hiked in 99 degrees-in sub par shoes-we are woman-see us sweat

Downtown to lunch a little

we both decided our nails and toes had way too much canyon grubby on them so we decided to get a pedi/mani before hitting the road back to l.a.

lookit these 2 old girls nodding off in the pedi chair.....

we didn't stay here but it had me at aloha...naturally...

oh, and p.s. (no not p.s. as in palm springs but p.s. as in p.s.) i am going to p.s. again this week-end-hecks to the yeaaaaah!