Friday, May 18, 2012

aloha friday weekly wrap up

so i missed last week coz i was in palm springs (oh, you didn't know-i didn't facebook, instagram it and shout about it enough????) with the bestie so lets just make that #1 this week!

-picked up julie from the airport and drove right to p.s. and we didnt get lost-not once. queen of the road!

-went hiking in indian canyon. although we were pretty sure we were being lured into a 'hills have eyes' type situation we made it out and saw a pretty cool part of the world.

-got 4 blissful days off. in a row. much needed and much loved.

-spent saturday at glen ivy hot springs spa with two of my fav brunettes. it was awesome-there was mud involved.....

-woke up sunday to 4 people that love me more than i probably deserve. julie and i were spoiled with the best mommas day breakfast followed up with a trip to the rose bowl flea market. julie found a cool iron 's' that was once part of the gates at knots berry farm.

-julie brought me 7 packs of uncle dans dressing from back home. oh, and they are double packs! yessssss!

-started my big brother countdown this week. i know, there is still 63 days left but im obsessed so i countdown. hey, i could be obsessed with robert pattinson and have to go put my hands in his hand print at manns chinese theater.....oh.....

-took julie to manns chinese theater coz she needed to touch where robert pattinson had touched. the ground was dirty. she still touched. she paid $20 for parking. this was all her awesome-not mine.

-got a new tan cream from julie (man she is all over this week in my awesomeness) it really works. i suggest the sundeck in marysville if you need to get yo tan on coz my legs look sun-kissed and not orange or streaky.

-saw a neighbor had a saints flag out in their front yard- never knew they were so cool. like them so much more now....

-the bachelorette started this week. i love emily and love watching reality tv.

-my love affair with coco cafe has begun and you are all here to witness this aloha. coconut water with a shot of espresso. yea. it's real. real awesome. i will just leave you with that aloha......