Saturday, May 12, 2012

what my phone saw this week

yes, another rousing edition...........

dude, maybe suntan in the back yard, or move to the grass? i dunno, it just seems really awkward no?....

this is something my mother would say-but isnt this flower beautiful???

this is my fav kid that sits on this bench at the corner of sunset and highland. he is always smiling and flipping everyone the bird. today he made a smiley face mask out of cardboard- oh, and he brought the bird too.
next time im gonna try to get a front view shot.

trader joe's-west hollywood

c'mon- funny right?

this jar was for sale at the pasadena flea market. now just keep an open mind here. for the jar AND the candy it was a mere 5 bucks.

ok, so back at the pasadena flea market the same very interesting gentleman vendor noticed my piqued interest and the obvious value i saw in the candy jar above and said, "ya know, i have other items for kids as well, did you see the toy basket?"

hey kids, take your pick-car or knife??

because a dog that will take his leash in his own
mouth and walk himself is my kind of pet.