Tuesday, May 29, 2012

glen ivy hot springs-its a yearly stop

a few weeks ago (mothers day week-end to be exact) julie, erin and i went to glen ivy spa in corona.
we try to get here every year when julie comes. its straight up the place to be. but im sure you know that.

i dont take as many photos as i actually want to coz it kills my spa buzz to hafta be makin sure i catch it all.

i have a great "jazzerhour at the pool" video that was really hilarious but as i played it back i was like, 'oh, wow, youre actually half in a bush taking this you creeper". so, i wont share but just know that it was fun-ny!!!

outside the spa-check out the zen circle (yep, that's my official name)

we came home to this. sweet family.