Friday, May 25, 2012

'citing stuff happenin around these parts.....

-working on a new project up in the hollywood hills. the views are ridic! i will share soon.

-gonna spend a week-end in palm springs with my girl erin and see the fabulous michael from west 3rd brand. oh, you dont know west 3rd? whaddya live in a box?? might wanna google it. its aloha friday worthy-thats fo' reals.

-the lunar eclipse was pretty cool. its amazing how often we are reminded of just how small we are in this world.

-i am basically at the 30 day countdown until we go on our mehican cruise. no kids. just us, good friends, some maracas and possibly a few "nah, i didn't do that...did i moments". just tryin to keep it real.

-apartment therapy is gonna shoot a few kids rooms and a baby nursery i just did. this nursery is so cute plus the mom is adorable and rocks a baby bump like no otha'! stay tuned.

-my lime tree is makin babies! they are tiny and probably are not gonna produce large enough limes to make me mojitos this summer but i got big hopes for next summer. mojitos at my house!!!!

-watched my maile learn to throw a spiral with her daddy. priceless..... 

happy aloha friday!!!