Sunday, November 11, 2012

lets hug it out america!!

freedom is never free.
did you hug a vet yesterday? not too late- you can hug them today too!

whew! so glad the voting is over aren't you? just to be out of that week and into a fresh week feels really great!

i don't get political with people and i don't discuss religion. why? because to each his own.

i don't decide who i like based on who they love, how they vote or whether they have all the same beliefs as i do. can you imagine if i did? i would have like 5 friends in this world!

upon meeting you for the first time i don't put out my hand to shake yours and say, "hey there, i'm kendra, are you democratic or republican? do you love men? women? both? where do you stand on religion? do you pray to allah, God, or the dahli lama?"
heck no.
i may not even find these things out about you for days, months, years!
because i don't care.
it doesn't define you and doesn't make me love you any more or any less.

i'm a leo.
if i like you than i will be loyal.
i will support you and have your back regardless of any of those things.

i like that you are you,
that you are diverse,
maybe different from me,
maybe not.

i like that regardless of anything, we have shared even a small moment and at the very least
a hello with a smile attached. we are sharing one now aren't we?

and with that whole 'huggin it out moment" i leave ya to enjoy your monday friend.
go hug a vet and tell them thank you!!!