Tuesday, November 20, 2012

newsprint mani!!

have you ever seen the newsprint mani? its really fun and super easy.
it doesnt take a steady hand or an artist so it's the mani for me!

actually, my friends 11 year old daughter has the best nails ever. i know. she is 11.
so i borrowed her and her 10 nails.

newsprint mani

now, you are actually suppose to use vodka instead of the rubbing alcohol but i didn't think my friend would appreciate me returning her 11 year old smelling like vodka. i dunno, didn't seem right.
also, i think if you dip the actual paper strip itself in the alcohol it would work better.
make sure your nails are completely dry. completely. we were in a slight hurry so we didn't wait as long as we should have and you don't get as clear of a newsprint (as you can see) if you don't let it dry. plus 11 year olds like to play on their phones while drying so we had to do a few fixes.
lastly, don't let the paper move around too much or it gets smudgy.
now go on, try it!