Thursday, November 29, 2012

DIY cake plate stands and my genius thought

i got this idea from Britt- her blog is really fun!
it's genius if you ask me!
i'm having my annual cookie exchange here in a few weeks and i am always lacking pretty trays and display plates. one would think as an interior designer i would have lots to choose from however, i don't. plain and simple, no excuse.
what i am rollin' in is lots of random candlesticks and a few fun plates.

like a wise chick once said, (thanks britt) put a little gorilla glue around the rim of your candlestick, stick the plate on and put a heavy book on top of it overnight.
the only drawback (i know, i'm a downer) is i have started to look at everything wondering if i could use a little gorilla glue and create things all over my house!

ohmygosh! i just had a genius thought!
i could gorilla glue my kids shoes to their feet so i never have to hear, "hey mom, where is my other shoe", ever again!!!!!

steer clear kids, mama's got gorilla glue!!!
i'm actually kidding...a little bit.