Thursday, November 29, 2012

aloha mobbin'!

guess what today is? yup! aloha friday!
dang i love me some hawaiians! i love the brunette one's, the blonde one's, the red headed one's....
ya know who else loves hawaii?
not to go too far off subject but if you haven't seen superbad, you might want to. it's really really funny.

anyway, i thought i would share with you a flash mob dance of sorts.
have you ever seen a flash mob hula? at 38,000 feet?
dang it, me neither, until now.
i never get on fun, hula filled, dancin in the aisles flights! i'm always on the flight with a snorer. oh wait, that's my husband.

so this is for you my aloha friday friends-oh, and when you are done watching this beautiful dance (check it out-there are a few hot hawaiian men in there and a couple of aunties that can get to it!) go ahead and link on up below, visit some other fun blogs then head on out for that copy of superbad.

i promise you i have just started your week-end off right! aaand, i'm off to do a lil hip-shakin'!
check this out:
flash mob hula.
^it's awesome ^


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