Monday, October 29, 2012

7 threads, 7 ways, 7 days

i have some exciting news!!!

i'm pregnant!!! just kidding. man that never gets old, i get ya at least twice a year!!!
that's my friend, pointing to me, the one with the news.

the real exciting news is that i've decided to give myself a lil challenge here. falling off the edge of the seat aren't ya?!!

remember thirty threads? if you didn't just click on that link you should. you should go back now, click it, then come back again. don't get stuck too long coz i still have the challenge to explain.
ok, well, i've been asked to do a winter version which i may still do later but honestly 30 days of dressing up in something diff every day AND making my hairdid look nice? well, right now i'm a bit too crazy at work to coordinate 30 days of anything.

so i came up with 7 threads where i'm gonna choose 7 articles of clothing and mix them 7 different ways for 7 days. i won't count shoes or any accessory like scarves, necklaces, you get the picture.

this technique (lets call it technique coz it makes me sound a bit more profesh right??) will be good practice for my upcoming trip to rome. (well, currently there is no trip to rome but my hawaiian reads this blog so let's plant this seed now shall we?) where i should pack light so i can shop and bring lots of pieces of europe home with me. i think i just heard a "hells yeah" up in this blogosphere!!!

ok, gettin down to biz.
i'm gonna start tomorrow and here are the 7 articles of clothing i've chosen:

it's harder than you think and no, you can't go pantsless one day pretending a shirt is a dress, trust me, i had that thought too.....