Friday, October 26, 2012

aloha friday-my 2 favorite words

although my hawaiian is in seattle without me this week getting to see some of our favorite people and although i am a single mom til sunday with a packed kid schedule i am still feelin the aloha coz it's friday yo!

whew! that was a loooooong run on sentence.
so, now that i've caught my breath let me share my aloha with y'all.

-first, i am thankful my high school english teacher is not a follower of my blog. he would die.

-had some major will power and did not eat pizza this week. really. not even a slice. trying to eat better is kind of for lame people who are no fun (so clearly it's hard for moi) but i'm tryin'! i'm tryin'!!

-managed to post an outfit this week. this seems to be a fav of many so hey, i will keep wearin' clothes.

-came home to this on my dresser on tuesday. either my hawaiian is very thoughtful and understood the stressful few weeks i have had or he just really wants me to stop being so bitchy. oh, can i say bitchy on here? i guess it's my blog so yeah, i said it.

-i'm all caught up on the walking dead. i have never been a "zombie girl" but i love love this show! the downside to this is that i sometimes swear i hear people growling. if you don't understand that you should go watch the show so we can imagine it together. so far i haven't put a pipe through anyones head so i am gonna count that as my next aloha.

-i haven't put a pipe through anyones head.

-oh, oh, i can't believe i almost forgot to share this with you. checkie my fortune i got.

yuuup, whew! feels good not to have to worry about that for the rest of my life huh?!

i hope you had a great week full of aloha and may your week-end drag on and on and on and feel 10 days long! now that's a good fortune cookie fortune!