Tuesday, October 23, 2012

hours of laughs-or i am just easily amused

i am about to introduce you to my newest past time.
now, there (of course) is a disclaimer: you will probably pee your pants at some point.
but c'mon, haven't we all peed our pants at some...oh, gosh, scratch that, forget i even mentioned it. i haven't ever peed my pants, uh, i promise......

ok, are you ready? theeee best ever app. wait for it....wait for it.......
 face juggler!!!

my friend mollye with guns and a beard. her husband kinda makes a hot blonde-just sayin'...

me and my hawaiian. uh........hmmmm.

my alltime fav!! i. just. cant.

shane and keith. keith looks like an elf-or is that shane? i'm so confused!

personally i like myself as a brunette with an odd chin.

my bestie and her lil girl. she isn't enthused with my new hobby. i don't know why. i think she looks cute. no?!

alright, i gotta go.
i gotta go do more, oh, and i may have just peed my pants from laughing. tmi?