Wednesday, October 10, 2012

glam grunge? no?

i don't know what to call it.

i had a very casual party to go to and always my first instinct on the week-ends is to pull on a pair of jeans and a tank or a tee. i generally spend all week dressing up at work so i loathe spending time making myself look pretty (or even somewhat presentable) on the week-ends.
its hard to tame a true jeans and tee shirt girl.

i decided i would add my gold tory burch flats and this chunky jewel necklace.
it was my best fake.
oh, i always wear a variety of staking bracelets and bangles so that helped right??
hey, at least my hair isn't in a dirty probably was the day before.

i truly hate asking people to take my photo then casually trying to place hand on hip, do the leg cross and look normal

this is currently my fav necklace.
it would probably be much much happier with the right outfit or even hanging back with the other fun jewelery at bloomingdales but nooo, this lucky lil gem gotta come home with me!
sorry little gem- i will try to live you up to all your chunky, pink, lovely glory.

this is a small amount of bracelets for me.
i went through a phase this summer stacking all kinds of hardware up my arm. people seem to like it and a friend told me i should take photos and show how to stack and pair bracelets.
huh? i mean, don't ya just sorta slip them on your wrists??... well, who knows, i might.

i said i would post more outfits, i never said they'd be cool......

shirt: target boyfriend tee
jeans: joes jeans
shoes: tory burch
necklace: bloomingdales
bracelets: maui, f21, brandy melville