Monday, October 22, 2012

week-end warriors

seriously, i should wear war paint.
how can it be monday already?
this past week-end was insanely busy. 

we bunny-sat all weekend for my littlest littles teacher. she is a sweet bunny but im sure she is a biter, she just looks like it -so i never got too close.

we checked out boney island, did a little baking, got a little closer to completing all the littles halloween costumes, saw pitch perfect (yeah, man splits!) and much much more which is why i am moving a few fun things i had planned this week to next week. i ran out of time but stay tuned coz its gonna be fun!!

the biter, i mean the bunny

boney island magic

salted caramel shortbread cookies
winna winna chicken dinna! go wasabi girls.
that right there is the start to a toddler and tiaras costume

love her hair!

have a great monday!!!