Thursday, October 4, 2012

how skittles made my man fall in love with me

ok, not really, but kinda.

cute story-you can turn back now but you probably won't.

i met my hawaiian in high school-i think i mentioned that here.
the short of the story (coz you knows i gots a long too) is that basically as a high school student i pretty much ate a bag of skittles and a soda every day for lunch. i know, the picture of health. i did have this very same lunch friday as i was on the run and it brought back the best memories of lil high school me.

so, shane worked in the office as a t.a. during my lunchtime. he had been calling me because "a friend" liked me so he was scoping out the sitch for his "friend". it's always the friend isn't it?!

anyway, i dug him in a big way but a girls gotta be cool right? dude's aren't the only one's with game f, y your i!
one day he motioned for me to come into the office and talk. so, i probably did like a slow, "whatchoo want huh", saunter, which probably looked all kinds of wrong but that's a different story. he glanced down and noticed that as i was talking i was sifting out my green skittles and dumping them back in the bag. "what are you doing? saving the green for last" he asked.
"ewww, noooo, (i'm trying to reenact my high school, grossed out, girl voice)  the green are gross". now, why he didn't look at me like i was the lamest girl at pilchuck high i have no clue but apparently (according to him) he found this to be endearing.
*shrugs shoulders*

that day i offered the green skittles to him and every day i have ever eaten them since. which means this guy has eaten a helluva a lot of skittles, unfortunately not as much as ya see skittles could have been what sealed the deal way back years ago, ya just never know.

the lesson to be learned here is share your skittles (but only the green one's coz those are gross).