Monday, April 16, 2012

my husband is not my best friend

disclaimer: don't be offended if your spouse is your bff- this is simply my opinion which isn't worth crap anyway....

today is my 18 year anniversary. wow. hitting numbers like a boss!!

i have known my husband well over half of my life. we met in high school to be exact. ahhhh, cute right?? i have literally grown up with this man. he is my friend. he is not my best friend. this isn't because i don't find him worthy or don't like him as much as someone else but for me i don't want him to have to carry that title. i need him to be all kinds of other things to me and the pressure of having to be a best friend? to a girl? your wife? nah, i will find a chick for that.

i don't like to bother shane with certain things like asking if my butt looks big in jeans. a best friend will answer truthfully saying, "hmmmm.....ya know what? it does look kinda big - i don't like them on you" then they will shop for 6 hours and help you find a better pair. my husband on the other hand will tell me no, (because he damn better) then proceed to attack said butt mostly to get out of the impending 6 hour shopping trip.

there are all kinds of best friend jobs that shane would simply hate. like first of all he would have to hear me rave about my latest cookie recipe-he wants to eat the cookie not hear how i put in a secret ingredient that really made them super moist this time.

he doesn't want to sit on the phone with me during my drive home and hear all about the jack-hole that just cut me off and how i could have had a kid in the car and how dare this ass put me and my family in jeopardy! i can get all road rage crazy and that's probably not the cutest look.

he doesn't want to help me figure out what to wear to an important meeting and he truly has no opinion if the light nail polish looks better than the dark. he doesn't have a cute shirt i can borrow and he certainly doesn't care to hear about how this latest form of birth control is making me crabby. if it has to do with my lady town he would rather live in the world that says this is the best run town around and all systems are in check.

i just can't put this guy through all that knowing that he'd honestly rather not.

friendship is definitely one of the key ingredients in our marriage. we have a great time together he just isn't my bestie. besides i wouldn't make out with my bestie- that's just weird........

oh man, ya know what? i think i married my best friend.....
happy anniversary to the BEST husband and friend ever!!