Wednesday, April 4, 2012

my man child

tomorrow my son turns 14.

i call him my man child not because i think he will be a man tomorrow but because next to me (and other kids his age) he looks like a man. he has always been big. one of my favorite memories is him as a newborn trying to find his thumb and his hand was as big as his face.

picture of pure bliss

i will admit that he looked a little lot like martin short when he was born- he was the cutest little old man baby eva'! this kid worked the bald better than any baby in that nursery.

when kanoe was born he was huge and white and had a hint of red fuzz. clearly they were handing me someone else's kid coz mine is suppose to be more uh.....ya know, hawaiian. once i looked at his face and saw that nose and the size of his hands and feet i thought, "oh, look at this little hapa." hapa means half and that is exactly what he is. half me and half shane perfectly. he walks like shane and is big like shane but looks like me and laughs like me.

when he was about 3 or 4 i taught him the answer to a very important question. "hey red, who rocks the party that rocks the party?"... through a huge smile he would say, "mama does". he never got the answer wrong, is this kid smart or what? at 3 or 14 as far as i'm concerned he knows all he needs to know in this world.....