Friday, April 27, 2012

aloha friday weekly wrap up

-me getting another unexpected new client which means this siri chick that resides in my phone and is suppose to keep me reminded and organized betta get her game on!

-remembering i had 4 packs of skinny cows in the freezer but only polishing off 2 packs....yep, more of that awesome restraint.

-finding lemon pudding at target after asking bestie to go buy and ship me lots of boxes.
what the !!!
i have looked in every grocery store from L.A. to the valley for this stuff for years!!! God loves target. i'm convinced.

-remembering a great story with the kids: trying to make a good impression on a new friend with my family when one of my kids blurts out, "hey we should all play quarters"......silence......i quickly try to recover the fumble, "oh, we play with water of course"....still doesn't sound right. yep, vote for me, raising kids since '95!!

-winning a hula hoop contest -boom! know this: mama still gots it and she WILL bring it!

-setting a trip to glenn ivy hotsprings with my bestie and my favorite cali girl. this has become a yearly tradition and we have the best time! why? coz friends and mud are like pb&j-goes together without question!

Have a great week-end y'all!!!