Friday, April 20, 2012

aloha friday weekly wrap up

yep it's that time. aloha friday-no work til monday....

aloha friday song- sing it loud people!!

awesome high points:

-my sons teacher telling me whatever i'm doing i am doing it right and thanking me for my "fine young man". lump in throat.

-me not throwing my arms around my son's teacher and hugging him (for 5 seconds of course) coz this would have literally killed my son with embarrassment. check that restraint!

-getting back into the habit of drinking lots and lots of H2Omy this is good with lemons and cucumbers -(thanks shane for making my special spa water)

-having an awesome anni dinner with just shane. that's all. just shane.

-taking a nap with my oldest daughter on her "way more comfy than my bed" bed sunday. naps just don't happen in my world.

-walking around the grocery store for 20 minutes before i realize that not only my top button on my shirt is open but the button below it decided to open on up as well...i mean, it's not a party unless you wore the silver sparkle bra which, thankfully for all the grocery shoppers, i suuuuuure diiiid! i, uh, i will just go ahead and put my shirt back on here and leave my cart in aisle 4 and come back later....huge walk of shame to the doors! (actually, this has nothing awesome about it)

-getting the "whoa, what" shocked face when my daughter calls me mom and the lady next to us is like, "wait you are her mom? i thought you were her friend!" oh yeeah, uh-huh, feelin' good, thasss right (yep, i am cabbage patching right now).

-opening an email that says "tickets booked" and knowing your bestie is on her way and life just got super happy today!

 the girl on the left is coming to see me the girl on the right is trying to find a way. sadly the cover band behind behind us is not coming but that would rock if they did (literally)