Thursday, April 19, 2012

everyone meet my new fav shoes. shoes, everyone.

first of all i have no biz being in nordstroms rack. it just carries way too many cute shoes and i instantly have my right shoe off (yep, that's my larger foot) and i'm pushing, pullin', zipping, strapping, lacing's a work out of the funnest kind.

these are crazy comfy and soft too i know coz when i got home i wore them around my house (cute look with sweats) until i went to bed that night. i love the tassle zipper oh, and a slammin deal coz the regular tag said $230 -but i always wonder if they were reallly that price tag originally right?

anyway, just thought i'd share coz i fell in love. i won't be changing my facebook status from shane to these wedgies or anything but still. love.