Friday, April 6, 2012

aloha friday weekly wrap up

 a favorite outfit of mine from this week:

i think it may actually be the necklace that made me love this outfit-very wilma flintstone right?

awesome things about my week:

-we went to the farmers market aka: parking lot displays of other people's crap. we seem to think this crap is awesome and that we must take home right away to add to our other crap. crap breeds crap.

-at the suggestion of my friend nicki i made a bleach tee about my 5 second hugs. my oldest claims i am ruining her life with this tee. who knew i had such powa'?? oooooh, that will be my next tee.

-thanking my lucky stars that my kids are old enough to not throw a tantrum in public. not that they ever really did (have you seen their dad?)
i watched a real award-winning performance this week, the kid looked like he was breakdancin on the floor. it was kinda a talent. the mom asked if i wanted him. not even for free honey..... now be gone with that limber lad!

-totally got people good on april fools day. i got mad foolin skills. the planning for next year has already begun.

-awesome trip to the dentist for the kids-no cavities. once we paid the dentists mortgage now we laugh in the face of his toof drilling tools. he used to like us.

-doing our taxes and shane finds a shell station receipt for $60 from his fundraising trip up to washington and hands it over thinking it's for gas. accountant is like, "uhhhh, this is from the shell station but it's actually for $60 worth of beer". sixty dollars worth of beer?? that's my boy!