Tuesday, April 17, 2012

meet atwater

atwater made me work. atwater made me feel stressed and tired and overwhelmed. atwater needed to be completed in 2 weeks.  atwater is beautiful-dontcha think?

this job was very high pressure mainly due to timing and budget. in the end it turned out beautifully and came together without any hiccups which is unheard of in my business! check out all my stars linin' up!

the architecture is beautiful. very masculine in feel and has that new york loft vibe with a little industrial and a whole lotta sexy. it's a very cool space and perfect for a professional that can use the bottom floor for office space and live in the rest of the home. generally i like to design with a bit more of a feminine touch but atwater demanded masculine love. if budget allowed i would have done so much more but i think it turned out really great!

here are a few of the finished photos.
with a total of 3 stories and a rooftop deck it is really stunning inside. 

can i just move in?  like even for a night??