Tuesday, October 2, 2012

you asked for it (well a few of you did....)

hey there! i don't generally posts outfits but funnily (never sure how that's really a word) enough i have been asked a few times before and a few more lately. the other day a sweet friend told me that i had inspired her when i did thirty threads and every once in awhile i should post an outfit.
so here goes.

oh, please remember this is not a fashion blog and i don't pretend to have any fashionista qualities or think anyone should follow my trends. let's face it if you did, or you were to see me right now as i post this, you would be wearing yoga pants and a tank top, no shoes and a dirty bun. move it carrie bradshaw, you gots competition girl!!

im into brights lately which is working out well since our seasons are a mess (a mess i tell ya!!) here in southern cal its 3 digits most of this week (dont tell fall because as you know i am really trying over here but yay for 3 digits and my summa lovin'!) so yesterday i went with this.

here is the story: (you thought i wouldn't give a story??? oh silly silly reader!)

my biggest little always needs something at the mall.
always. like, never fails always.
macy's was having a huge sale and i had looked most of summer for a pair of orange jeans but never found orange, not even an ugly color of orange, just no orange at all.

as we were searching for her "must have to go with my maxi skirt mooooooom" black tee we both spotted my orange pants right in front of us, hanging on a sale rack in all it's mango glory!!

ahhhhhh-that is the sound of the heaven opening up and angels and horns and birds and rays of sun.

wahhhh wahhhhhh. that is the sound when you look at the tag and it's 2 sizes too big. don't even put it past me that i didn't think i could just go home and continue this baking kick and fit into them in 2 weeks. it was a bummer of a moment. man, stuff crashes hard sometimes right?!
anyway, back to the black tee- which she found- oh yay for you and your awesome luck. psshhhht.

ahhhhhhhhh. yep, that's that angel, horn, bird, sun sound again!!! wouldn't ya know that over on the counter folded (okay, off to the side enough that i probably should of asked if they were on hold for someone) were MY orange pants. in MY size. touch em and i will drop kick you like hulk hogan during a rock and wresting match!!
 i didn't even try them on mainly for fear that they belonged to someone and i would get called out. i quickly took them to the closest open register and bam! twenty fo dolla's later! can you believe these were marked down from almost $100 bucks to $24?
come on now macy's stop playin'!!

im really into rose gold right now, id be really into a watch that had the correct date. hmmm...who knew september had 31 days??

now, to tell you the story of the shirt.... just kidding, you can go now. i'm sure i have enlightened you enough already today. ya really sure you still want me to post outfits???

have a bright day all y'all!

pants: macy's
shirt: zara
watch: michael kors
necklace: target (best fun necklaces and bracelets)
shoes: american eagle