Tuesday, October 30, 2012

day 1 and oh those magical words....

day one:

"mama, i volunteered you to make a hawaiian guava cake for school."
isnt she cute?

random panicky thoughts run through my head as i try to figure out why my cute little volunteered me for a cake with all kinds of steps!! and why the heck my child can't just put me down for napkins?!!
nooo, it has to be a cultural food. next time let's go with your danish side so i can get on over to the grocery store and grab a box of puff pastry.

ok, well, lemme see. if i get up at 5:45 i can start the cake, it can cool while i am at work then i can get home and make the cream cheese layer. in the morning i can wake up and apply the guava gel layer then i can send her out the door with it.  yes, that's how i'll do it.... sigh.

i guess one can't really blame her, it is the best cake ever!

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