Wednesday, October 31, 2012

day 2 - halloween!!

day 2 of
7 threads, 7 ways, 7 days:

nonchalant photo bombing

got up extra early so i could help get my girls "halloween ready" today for school.

the biggest little went as minnie mouse-her version as you can see.
her nails are super cute. red with white polkas!

the littlest little went as a toddlers and tiara's girl.

she won of course
she even had a "toddler moment"...nothing a few early morning pre-pageant pixie stix couldn't fix

my son. oh that boy. he is just so darn easy. love that about him! he went as the sun drop dude.
im sure he will be "droppin' it like it's hot" allll day long, how can he not, he is mine ya know!

now get on out there and get yer mama some candy. don't even think about bringin' me back some abba zabba or smarties, i want the good stuff!
oh yes, i raid, it's for the safety of the children you know.
it's very easy to hide a razor in twix or 100 grand bars, oh, gummi bears, yes, those can be highly dangerous.

good thing i am there to take them and 'discard' of them.
keepin' kids safe one mini candy bar at a time!
happy halloween!!