Thursday, October 11, 2012

animals and pumpkins and mazes oh my!

have you ever been through a corn maze?
we found this maze last year and it took us about an hour in a half to wind our way to every checkpoint and then just find our way out again. this time we did it in 35 minutes! yea!

this year we brought along my littlest littles favorite friend-oh ya thought she was mine?
no, mine is the tall brunette, tiny blonde and the redhead. sounds like the beginning of a bad bar joke....

before we hit the maze we made a few furry, hairy, feathered friends.
i think i love the turkey. we had a real moment. see the love??!

they almost turned back because there wasn't a pig-my family loves pigs

we stared into eachothers eyes. ok, so he wanted to eat my camera....

they were very tame and super easy to catch

she actually asked me if we could buy this chicken??!!

she asked me if she could hold it. i dont know the rules pick it up and see...

chicks holdin' chicks

my girls. they also asked if we could buy a bunny, because we dont already have 2 at home...

there was sort of a duck lip contest. i won. well, yes, i was the judge but i still think i won.

and they're off!
feedin' goats. he tried to eat the bowl-the goat, not my son.

troopers-it was really hot

green corn
so we made a few of our own what.

hmmm...right or left??

not kidding, she tried to ask siri to get us out of the maze.
fyi, siri doesn't know everything.
yes! we are almost through

TOYOTA! uh, i mean, "we did it!!"
yes, they made up a synchronized victory dance...made me so proud...

my son

pretty faces girls! this is what i got.

the famous pumpkin bread that forced me to bake

train ride trying to get the pumpkin bread cut before it's time to get back off.

the old tractor was cool but check out the straw horses

sunflowers always make me smile

the start of our pumkin and gourd loot
check out that punkin!
my favorite pumpkins

so there ya have it, this was our sunday on the farm. we did it all 'cept for milk a cow.....