Friday, October 12, 2012

oh yeaaah, aloha me up!

happy aloha friday!!

hey hey hey! do ya feel it?? 
aloha friday isn't just for hawaiians, it's for anyone, and everyone, and you!!

hopefully you have no work til monday and you plan your week-end with friends and family and loved ones spreading the spirit of aloha and getting it back ten fold!!

here is my aloha for the week:

-got all of my halloween decorations up. lookin' creepy round here!

-had a minor panic attack when i looked at the calendar and realized i better get halloween costumes ordered. it's not like they all 3 haven't been asking since february! does that annoy the heck outta anyone else?? anyway, one and a half costumes down. so, stop panicking i'm now in control (slightly).

13 Days of Halloween Craft Preview
i love this halloween "calendar" but it only goes to day 13?? hmmm

-my lashes have a date with marilyn their maker (literally) saturday. i love lash saturdays-they complete me....

-a new season of alaska state troopers started. i don't know why i have an obsession with this show but its taking over. i love it!

-guess who is makin pumpkin whoopie pies this week-end?? don't you wish you were my neighbor?

-i requested for my son to be moved out of his teachers class and they moved him-yay! i feel like that never happens. apparently ms. h is a hideous beast disguising herself as a teacher. true story from what the kids say.

-i had a moment yesterday when i was just downright pissed that i wasn't the one who invented google. today i am over it. so that's good.

-had some dancin time with the cute little neighbor baby last night. he loves michael jackson too. ohhh i cant wait to introduce him to justin timberlake!

lastly my good friend erin who blogs over at traveling circus wrote this post from one of our maui trips together. she sent it to me yesterday and i was dying laughing!! it was the highlight of my week.
we party hard yo! be the judge.

i am officially ready for the week-end!!!!! how bout you??