Monday, October 15, 2012

let them eat chips!

i get annoyed when its my week to be soccer snack mom.
this may be partially because i have had 3 littles in the sport so i feel like i have done 8 trillion of these snack days, but really its because it is annoying to have a responsibility to get a snack that will be "a-ok" with everyone.

first you have to make sure you get a healthy snack or deal with the mom that "tsk's" you.
oh, what's healthy you ask?
well, if you have a mom on the team like ours pretty much everything is unhealthy even granola bars. apparently there is some sort of hydro something oil in packaged granola, i don't really know, i started to tune her out and do the head nod thing muttering, "oh really", and "uh-huh, wow" every so often. yawn.

then you have to figure out what will the kids like and what will they actually take and eat?
listen, i am the mom that could really give a flip what you give your kids to eat- that's your biz- i dont like the meddling mom- but i really, and i mean really do not want to get stuck with 20 boxes of raisins and what is now luke-warm string cheese packs.
yes, i know i will get stuck with these snacks because any kid over the age of 5 playing soccer doesn't want these things after a game.
at this age these littles are playing for snacks.
straight up snacks.
but im tellin ya, they are hopin' the snack are chips and cookies.

oh, side story:
a few seasons ago i heard about a mom who freaked out over gatorade being given to her child. i mean she had a mommy melt down of epic proportions where she even dumped the gatorade out onto the grass in front of her kid.
we are into being healthy and teaching our kids about eating right but wow. crazy much mama??
i certainly don't let my kids hibernate in their beds with a full bag of chips, a 6-pack of soda and starbursts stacked up one by one in all their sugary glory but man, let's relax a touch okay? its just a post game soccer snack. its not battery acid dipped lollipops.

so there i was friday, i opened this email:

Here are the event details:
Date/Time: Saturday, October 13, 2012, 11 AM to 12:30 PM
Arrival Time: 10:15 AM
Location: ..... Park
Opponent: Sliney
Home/Away: Home
Notes: Field 2
Snack - Pahukoa

pahukoa. that's me.
i am responsible to bring snacks to a team of 14 girls who are all 12-15 years old.
now the pressure of what to get becomes real.

oh, and on another note, i know whatever it is my daughter will not take it anyway. she doesn't care about snack, she no longer is playing for snack.
she is playing to make goals.
she is playing to be part of a team and win.
she is way too busy wiping the mud and the blood off her lip to grab a celery stick slathered in peanut butter.

snacks at this age are dumb. yes, i said it! dumb! they are a huge pain in the ass for the parent to get and lug around. im being honest here. at this age i can simply grab my kid a snack on the way home or she can wait until we get home.

but, i did have  a job to do and that is provide snackies to the 7th to 10th graders (puh-lease) so, my hawaiian went to costco to pick up snacks.

rice krispy treats. (evil smile) and a bag of clementines (coz this looks like im a good mom right?)

every kid took a krispy treat. i had to push the oranges.

i should have brought chips......