Monday, October 1, 2012

ridin' the fall train

ok, ok, so guess who finally jumped on the fall train??
it all happened when i made pumpkin cookies, then corn chowder, then tortilla soup, then popcorn balls, then mini pumpkin pie tarts all in the course of 7 days. i go big yo.

oh the plans i had for my balls!!
i thought i would add red food coloring to my popcorn balls and put the pretzel rod in the top and dip the bottom in carmel to make them look like carmel apples but when i went to go use my red food coloring i realized i was almost out. no thanks to a kid who really likes pink frosting....keala!!!

the pretzel rod makes it much easier to eat these sticky lil things

plan b. i decided to drizzle a little melted chocolate on some of them instead. i was trying to get all cute and crafty up in here but please, like my kids would care what they look like!
actually, i ended up throwing these ones away because a thief has stolen my candy thermometer!!
i had to guess by dropping the syrup in cold water. it seemed right but they ended up being a little too sticky and i was sure one of my littles would take a filling out! i don't really like our dentist, or any dentist for that matter. sorry dentists everywhere, i think your job and your drills and your drool suction tools all suck-big time.

this is what our week in the valley looks like

so, you can see why i didn't take my halloween decorations out yet, it just doesn't feel right. i did promise the middle little we would put them up october 1st.
that's today.
guess who is gonna be up late tonight???
happy october!!