Friday, September 27, 2013

oh friday, i just love your aloha

oh yeahhhhhh, it's my day! get your aloha friday on and let's not be shy about this thing man! it's real, it's here, there is no denying it so let's do this!!!

last week while my mom was in the hospital having surgery we noticed there was a farmers market down in the parking lot of the hospital. it was small but so cute and such a great distraction as we waited 5 whole hours. 

i thought i would share a few of the pictures with you because well, i have them and you should see them. 
there is nothing you haven't seen before, i mean, it's not a carnival with a woman who has a 5' long beard that she grew in 3 days or a monkey that blows bubbles out of his (you get it) but, they are pretty and it was a bright spot in my day. 

so from me to you, here is a little aloha.

oh, and this last picture isn't from the circus either (although....) ahem, i'm sure i could find a few of us that would be more than freak show worthy.....
i wanted to give you a sneak peek of an awesome blogger and gorgeous, fun, witty, caring, smart ass cookie that you will get to meet on monday. yay you!!!
i know, i know, stop whining. monday isn't that far away and ya know what, all good things are worth the wait. 
trust a mama on this one.

sorry 'bouts the blurrr
it's hard to take a pic of 2 waaay too funny girls.
anyway, for right now enjoy your aloha friday and your week-end but come monday, get ready for that there girl on the left.