Saturday, September 14, 2013

chasing summer

i decided in june i was gonna take the summer off from blogging and really focus on my time with my littles. apparently summer is over, at least that is what the calendar says but when it's 90 degrees outside i call b.s.
you know you do too.

i love summer. i mean, full on, let's run away together and make hot little sunshine babies type o love.
i said i would start back september 1st but, ya know, that 90 degree thing again. 
i said i would start after my montana trip. 
i said i would start monday. 

today i walked into what was shortly ago my sparkling clean kitchen (i know because i woke up at 7:30 am, on a saturday morning, and cleaned it) and quickly discovered we had one of those california earthquakes in the form of a little blond haired girl and her friend. making cupcakes, in my now not so sparkly clean kitchen. disastrous.
so what does one do? well, she makes an announcement of course, that sounds something like this: "i'm gonna make a cup of coffee (only because wine is a poor choice at 3:30 in the afternoon right?? someone puh-lease tell me i'm wrong) without seeing any of this destruction and when i come back i'm sure it will all have been a mirage. oh, hope ya both know what a mirage is, if not, google it please without getting batter on my keyboard." 

i quickly escaped to my room (but not before pointing out 2 spots on the wall where batter was slowly drying in large splotches) saw my laptop was fully charged and pretty much decided that today i start back. i don't usually post on the week-ends but ya know, i figure i have at least an hour or 2 before i can enter that kitchen/seismic zone safely.

i have so much to write about being gone all this time but really don't know where to start. 
i've had a summer full of really great times, significant moments, hit a milestone, learned a bit of sad news and felt closure in things i had been holding on to. oh and pictures! do i have pictures for y'all.
i haven't really gone through them all so i will leave ya with a few and i'll see ya again next week. i think. depends on that 90 degree thing....

 campland or bust
our version of tandem biking
teddy roosevelt letting me be the boss man
biggest little
rock of ages with the hawaiian, middle little and littlest little

vegas pool time