Monday, April 1, 2013

happy easters (& a few token bunny shots)

coloring easter eggs is my least fav thing to do with kids. i'd almost rather change a dirty baby diaper. twice.
it's a huge mess, cups always go spilling over and i am the one left to clean up.

this year honestly seemed like the first year ever that i wasn't having mini "psycho mom" moments from across the table.

the biggest little decided to skip out on these and went off to catch up on "sons of anarchy", way to keep it in the holy easters spirit b.l.! anyway, them other 2 littles i own did the eggs all themselves and ya know what?? i wasn't a stressed out psycho mess!!!
only 1 cup down (the favorite turquoise dye) and barely a mess!
thems did good!

have you ever made the confetti or glitter filled eggs?
one year, i made some filled with glitter- these ones are filled with colorful confetti. super fun, easy but it's a lot of work just to crack over someones head ya know?

well, no matter how hard i tried to lure my kids into hunting for easter eggs they wouldn't bite. i feel like in their little hearts they wanted to but i get it, they are probably too old to believe in the easter bunny. duh.
they are way more into quoting nacho libre and telling me how they have "had diarrhea since last easters" and saying, "hashtag", before they answer me when i ask them a question. whatever.

hope you had a beautiful easters or passover or whatever it is you may (or may not) celebrate!!