Friday, April 5, 2013

stealin' my kid (and follow friend friday!)

happy birthday to my middle little "big red"!
...and because it's his birthday and because it's aloha friday (can ya imagine turning a year older and wiser on any other day that aloha friday??) we will gather ourselves up at an ungoldly hour and hit the road to hang out with mickey and friends in disneyland today!
he has no clue what's in store, i decided to smuggle him away and make it a surprise.

in the meantime while you're waiting for my return to see all my fun photos (stop with the faces now!) you can join in a little fun called "FOLLOW FRIEND FRIDAY!" yay, just sounds good right??

now don't be one of "those people" that link up and leave. stick around.
follow your hosts and co-hosts, mingle, grab a drink, maybe make a friend, you know, do aloha friday right today!

so click on that big grey box below and head on over yo!