Tuesday, May 20, 2014

lacquer box d.i.y.

now that my master bathroom is all done and fly looking, seriously, you should stop by and hang out in there coz it's pretty freakin awesome, i have a little project planned for that bathroom.
it involves slices of agate and a whole lotta UPS waiting time so while i sit and wait for these agates to arrive....

we had this one blue agate coaster and it just felt lonely.
it's so pretty but it spent most of it's days in an old fish tank out in the garage. the poor little 25 cent carnival fish had long ago floated to the top of the tank and now it sort of rested in this sad graveyard with other colorful pebbles and shells.

the blue is the wrong color for my bathroom project (coming up soon, i think. damn UPS!!) but i wanted to do something with it.

i decided to use it and make a decorative box. i've been adding more and more blue to my family room and thought it would probably work best there but right now i'm floating it around to see where i like it best.

if you don't have an old box around that you can use or paint then you can hit up michael's.
michael's has a pretty large selection and i found mine for maybe $5 or $6-use a coupon and you will really be cool.

i didn't like the clasp on the box because it felt too office like. i removed it, filled in the tiny holes with putty and sanded it.

i sprayed the box with a few coats of glossy white spray paint and let dry.

once all dry, i used a few tiny dots of gorilla glue in just a few places around the very edge of the agate then placed it on the lid. i'm sure there are better, and faster, options than gorilla glue since gorilla glue needs to sit for some hours but i wasn't sure what would work best with agate. this worked really well so i will be using it on my bathroom project coming up for sure.

i absolutely love how it turned out. the pictures really don't do it any justice.
now i really can't wait to get that bathroom project done!

p.s. if you work for UPS or have any inside info can you ask where kendra's dang agate slices are? it's taking forrrrrrrrever!

check back for my master bath reveal, it's gonna be soon. i think.

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