Monday, May 12, 2014

never do i say i'm bored.

okay i'm ready for a day off from my days off.
no but really, although my week-end was busy it was spent doing exactly what i hoped to do.

we, (and by "we" i mean "me") have been slowly revamping the girls room, making little decor changes and also finally making eye contact with all those little things around the house that have been begging for attention.

i spent early saturday morn with my cup of coffee and some dirt.
look how pretty dirt can make things.
the 1 minute pretty succulent bowl. you really can do this in 1 minute and a very small amount of dirt in your coffee. fiber.

i painted the tray a few weeks back, it use to be orange and destined for firewood but if you have gold paint you can do almost anything. almost.

there was also a little of this going on saturday. a project i have been thinking about for 2 whole years and the subject of much debate with my littlest little at my house. it's not ready to be seen just yet.

woke up on mama's day to my furry son with a lil note around his collar

smart littles, they know me well.
now spelling, well that's gotta be worked on a bit....

flowers and a car wash can make anyone smile no?

my favorite 2 lines in my mama day cards from my littles:

- "i'm so thankful you have fixed my phone 3 or 4 times." (try 5 kid)
- "thank you for doing things for me even when you don't want to." (do i make it that obvious??)

the rest of my mama's day (and i do mean the rest) was spent working on curtains. my biggest little had to work so the middle and the littlest little and i went to pick up materials. well, fabric for me, ice cream cones for them. it's hard to stay focused when ice cream is for sale.

i took a break in the evening to have dinner and then desert with my lovely mama and then back to these curtains. i didn't imagine they would take me until 9pm at night but oh were they worth it! i'll show you them all complete later once i get them all up.

just for now picture them in the room with these, another week-end project that took way longer than expected.
apparently i'm bad at guestimating how long things will take to complete and probably not the best at coming up with ideas that will be "super quick and super fun". you shouldn't listen to me when i say anything along those lines.

hope your week-end was beautiful and that whoever you get to mama made you feel like a queen.

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