Monday, February 25, 2013

that little has some awesome hair!

my littlest little has the prettiest hair ever. sadly she doesn't realize it yet.

it really is the prettiest bright blonde with natural curls that have so much body and bounce.
she always wants it straight.
straight? who wants straight hair? i guess girls with curly hair want straight hair...

she is learning fast that the brush is not her friend, especially when her hair is dry.
the blow dryer ain't really no pal either.

her hair always looks best when it air dries in a bun and then gets let down naturally.
however, sometimes that brush will whisper sweet nothings to her. sadly she will hang out with the brush and soon the curls get a bit frizzy and then ya gotta avert the crisis at hand.

here is how we chalked her hair and gave her curls a bit more definition.

have you seen this chalk tool?
it looks like a flat iron but it has chalk plates and is just like using one too. supa' easy!

after chalking random pieces in purple and pink i pulled the front pieces back so i could get more underneath.

this curling iron is my favorite. your hair naturally thins towards the bottom so the curl should get smaller at the bottom too right?
it leaves the bigger curl and the volume towards the top of the head making a much prettier and natural curl.

almost done.
her hair is great because many of the pieces already have natural definition so i don't have to curl every strand.

the girls got mermaid hair.
fun color with no damage.