Friday, February 22, 2013

3 dolla make ya holla!

meet traylor.
traylor was short 3 bucks for something and needed to borrow it real quick.

it just so happened that this was during our 2 o'clock dance hour. well, more like dance moment, we never last a full hour which will be clear and obvious once you view this special aloha Friday video.

so what does one do? reach in her pocket and hand over three dolla's?
oh, no.
not with young mc's "bust a move" playing in the background.
dancing for dolla's!

go traylor go!

*apology in advance for my laughing, it's a bit hideous sounding but i really could not catch my breath at certain moments.

ya know, not that i make my friends, co-workers or anyone else work for a few dolla's but c'mon, when i have a clear and easy excuse to have a dance moment, oh, you can bet it's gonna happen! 

happy aloha friday my friends! 
wish us luck as the littlest little has a soccer tourney this week-end and we need to win (no really, it's a necessity!!) 
oh, check out my feature on the mrs. and the momma