Tuesday, February 5, 2013

project runway up in here!

before i even start typing anything else i must say thank you to all my new followers.
i didn't expect to ever have over 100.
i'm being truthful.
i didn't know much when i started blogging.
i did it because i liked it and a very good
friend urged me to do it.
thank you erin.
now i'm having so much fun. loving and stalking and drooling over so many posts and blogs out there.
i do remember when i started and i had 8 followers for what seemed like weeks. 5 were my family members and 
i actually signed my assistant up and then later 
told him he was following.
i really did.
somehow, someway, i just hit 500.
i know to many who have thousands it's no biggie.
to me, it is.
i am thankful,
i am grateful
and i just want you to know that.

now lets' make some fun sweatshirts yo!

me and my little
p.s. after we took this photo i realized we both kinda had the same hair-did.
good thing she wasn't wearing her glasses or i would have looked like one of those mom's that dresses her kid up in matching mommy and me outfits. 

ok, here is what ya do.
select your sweatshirts and jersey material.
jersey material won't ravel so go with jersey!

maybe the most important step is to select an assistant.
you never know when you might need help.
choose one better than mine-
mine keep curling up and falling asleep on the job.
even after being fired and kicked off the table 4 times he still was helpful...kinda.

i made one sweatshirt for me and 1 for my littlest little.
truthfully, i thought i would mess up so buying 2 sweatshirts was my 'b' plan.

for me i bought 1/4 yard of black jersey material
for her I bought 1/4 yard of pinkish grey jersey.
buy as little as they will allow or better yet,
 use an old t-shirt if you can- you need barely any material at all.

i had no real design idea for mine. 
i just planned on following the neckline til i got bored or it looked right??
whatever that meant, i was sure i would figure it out as i went...
you want to start by turning the sweatshirt inside out,
 and using a pencil or a fabric marker start to mark where you wanna cut.
you gotta make the tiniest little cuts
like this:

then cut a strip of your jersey about 2" wide.
don't worry about cutting really straight or making it pretty, 
jersey folds into itself so it
really won't matter.
love projects that you don't have to make perfect (people then think you are a craft genius...shhh, please keep up this fa├žade, I've worked hard at it...)

start by weaving your jersey into the first hole tying it off inside like shown then just keep weaving.
i tried to count the cuts so that I would end up being able to finish each row on the inside-out side of the sweatshirt. did that even make sense??
basically you don't want to be tying a knot on the front of your sweatshirt.
  or maybe you do? it could be cute.

i love how my sweatshirt turned out. i ended up leaving the remaining strip of my jersey out and tying it in a bow.

for my littlest littles shirt I wanted to make a heart (because now i was all confident that i would be a huge international clothing designer.... so i went big, naturally)
i did make a template (obviously not that confident)

once the template was where i wanted the heart to be, i traced it with a pencil

then just followed the same idea
i kinda impressed myself that it really actually looks like a heart.

if you are a new follower please leave me your blog address so that i can come return the love. i really do visit everyone if i know your blog address. :) thanks again, much love!!