Friday, February 8, 2013

sorry i'm not sorry

sorry i'm not sorry
that i ate conversation hearts for dinner last night. 
(i was left without any supervision....and yes, i ripped the bag open like weak, please dont judge.)

sorry i'm not sorry 
that this target employee left their scanner unattended and that i played with it until she came back. (maybe somebody should be a bit more responsible with her scanners.)

sorry i'm not sorry
that i made the cat wear a cup on his head as punishment for sitting on the dining table. 
(not really a punishment but he KNOWS how cats aren't allowed to sit on eating surfaces-gag!!)

sorry i'm not sorry
that i spoke to the stranger at the park although i know better
(she had hula hoops, and a boom box and she was dancing...thank you)

sorry i'm not sorry
that i forced my nephew oliver to take photos with me even though he is terrified of cameras
(what? he lived!)
sorry i'm not sorry
that i didnt feed my son for 2 days after this rude remark!
(well, more like 2 minutes-does bruce willis even have a sister? i would think she'd be pretty, he kinda is)

sorry i'm not sorry
that i was the gang leader in eating almost every square inch of this cheesy sourdough pull apart bread
(curses to cheese, whose evil plan was it to make it melt like such a champ?!)

sorry i'm not sorry 
that this was the end result...
(oh, wait...nope, still not sorry)

but what i'm really not sorry about is that it's aloha friday and i will be gettin my dance on like lionel richie...
all night loooong.

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