Tuesday, February 12, 2013

she's wearin' glasses yo!

timing has a way of sometimes just being absolutely perfect doesn't it?

like recently when my biggest little, my littlest little and me, mama of the littles all needed new eye glasses at the same time. well, that is not the perfect part at all. that parts coming.

being a mama means you take care of them first. you go out spend all kinds of crazy money first on the frames then on the prescription then on all the add-ons.
finally you say hello to your $650 eye glass receipt, crinkle it up, use it as a tissue as you silently weep in the corner.

i mean, come on! new glasses is a ticket to maui!!! 
yes, i do compare most pricey things that i would rather not spend my skins on to what i could be doing on maui.
ok, sorry, back to the subject at hand.

i decided i would wait a month and then go drop another ridiculous amount of cash on my glasses. but guess what happened? timing.

enter perfect part!!

i received an offer from firmoo to review a new pair of their eye glasses!
i quickly logged on and checked them out. i was completely impressed with their selection and how kind and helpful they were.
it was actually a fun process too because you get to upload a pic of yourself and then literally try glasses on.

here are a few of the firmoo frames i "tried on".

i really contemplated having y'all choose for me but i simply was way too excited to wait. sawrrry, that woulda been fun huh? next time, i promise!

i loved all these but i ended up choosing the first pair. i still may get all brave and stuff and buy that 3rd pair with the white and geometric side print. cool right?!

for a girl who has worn contacts strictly for over 7 years now these glasses were a much needed break for my eyes. they are really lightweight which is nice because i wear them all day long without any issue.

if you are looking to switch to glasses, need a new pair or are a first time eye glass wearer you should absolutely check out firmoo.
another plus is that the pricing is really great (no crying in the corner using your receipt as a tissue here) and they ship extremely fast.
for an instant gratification girl like myself this part is very very important.

so whaddya think?
here are a few pics from the week:

oliver likes them!