Tuesday, February 26, 2013

r.i.p. marshmallow and oreo

some of you may have seen photos and have met our backyard bunnies marshmallow and oreo.
marshmallow, the sweet but shy male was saved and brought to our home about 9 years ago and had been jumping around and living happily in our backyard ever since.

marshmallow with his favorite treat, blueberries.

taking a little afternoon nap

oreo was brought to us about 5 or 6 years ago when a friend found her hopping around
 her front yard and couldn't find her family.
we were in maui at the time and got the call asking if we could take her.
so oreo was put in our backyard to meet marshmallow.

oreo's favorite treat in this whole wide world

she was pretty fond of my basil too

by the time we arrived home marshmallow and oreo were a couple.
no doubt.
they had a love that i had never personally witnessed animals having.
rabbits bond for life and there was no separating these two.

sadly last week they had both passed away within a day or two of each other. it was shocking and sad. i was unable to tell my littlest little until the end of her soccer tournament this week-end.
marshmallow and oreo basically belonged to her and she was very attached to them. most summer days you could find her with one or both bunnies in the hammock swinging with them and feeding them their favorite treats.

it was so difficult to tell her.
all week-end long i had a small knot in my stomach knowing i would soon be breaking her little heart. i just didn't want to see the change on her face and the sadness in her eyes but i knew i didn't want it to come from anyone else but me.
we spoke about how we gave marshmallow and oreo so much and how much longer and fuller they lived because of our home and our love. we decided we needed to continue to care for bunnies and give them a forever home the same we did for marsh and oreo.

after looking at and holding almost 100 bunnies or more we found our bunnies.

meet duke and twiggy.

my little sharing a quiet moment bonding with duke.

i know she felt all sorts of sadness mixed in with her new quickly forming love for
duke and twiggy. i know some say to wait before replacing a pet and some say do it right
away. we decided to listen to our hearts and knowing that there were babies out there
that needed us made it a very easy decision.