Monday, February 4, 2013

don't bro me if you don't know me brah

i had a really interesting saturday.
oh, yes, the title. i'm gonna get to that but first let me start by telling you that i woke up and there was a spider on my face.
my face!
we got up at a ridiculous hour to get ready for my littlest littles soccer tournament.
they lost. it sucked.

anyway, i was stumbling around pulling on my boots when i looked in the mirror to assess just how bad mama's hair was gonna look and i saw it. the spider. walking across my cheek. all together now- one. big. collective. SCREAM!!!!!!!
i slapped my own face to kill the spider.
that was my start to the morning. me slapping myself silly.

then off to do 3 games of this:

getting some pointers from coach

in between the tournament games i had a craving for doritos. 
anyone that knows me knows that it's doritos, red vines and diet coke. not in that order, but definitely on order.
so i went to smart and final across from the field to buy some. when i took all my stuff up to the register the girl ringing me up greeted me by saying, "what's up bro"?
what? huh? come again? 
now, there are days where maybe it's possible that i leave the house looking not so pretty and girly but uh, i'm clearly a girl. c'mon, clearly. 

it was an awkward moment. one of those, did she really and what do i say or do in return??....
naturally i answered back, "not much brah, buyin doritos, how bout you". 
she laughed. 
it was a laugh that told me that she completely thought i was strange. 
i realized at that moment that she probably called me bro out of some sort of habit and didn't even know she said it. or maybe she didn't call me bro at all and i heard it wrong. you know those moments. where after the fact you grasp that you may of heard something wrong? 
well, i'm still not sure it was one of those moments, i'm still almost 100% positive she called me bro. i'm so glad i don't live near that smart and final and hopefully will never be back.
i wonder if today she is writing a blog post about the strange customer that called her 'brah' at work today....
i mean, give me a break girl, i woke up with a freaking spider on my face!

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