Thursday, March 21, 2013


we did.
my biggest little and i made these.
well, her mostly, i did do some slathering of peanut butter and a touch of sideline drooling.

i need to be benched. i have been eating way too much junk and that bestie sugar is not doin mama any favors of late.

truth: i didn't eat these. well, one bite. that's really more of a taste-test to see if they were poison.

oreo stuffed brownies

want to make 'em?

1. make your brownie batter according to box or your own recipe. set aside.
2. take oreo and slather the top with peanut butter, drop it in greased cupcake liner. peanut butter side up.
3. pour brownie batter over the top- fill liner 2/3 full.
4. bake at 350 for about 12 minutes or longer depending on your oven.
5. eat 1 or more first to ensure there is no poison in brownie before feeding to others.
6. now you can share (what's left)

*if you want to pour a touch of batter in bottom of liner first and then put the oreo in that is fine too. it's allowed.

oh, big p.s.- aloha friday blog hop is about to go live later today! check back, i will have my link up at the end of the day and there are 3 giveaways plus the hop. get ready!!